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Under the Sea


Welcome to Under The Sea! This is the site where you can find quick information on animals that live underwater, whether in oceans,seas, rivers, or lakes.

Whales are huge mammals that have a big influence on the lives of other animals living in the water. These whales are most commonly found in the temperate waters of the southern hemisphere. (Generally between 30 to 60 SL. ) They have also been seen around Tasmania, New Zealand, southern Australia, South Africa, southeast and southwest Indian Ocean, western and eastern Pacific, and various islands in the southern ocean. Also, though they are some of the biggest animals in the ocean, they feed on the smallest animals like plankton, krill, and small fish. These mammals can grow up to 90 feet long! Toothed whales are found in temperate and tropical waters. They eat many different kinds of fish, squid, and other kinds of invertibrates. These whales range variously in weight and size, from 25 feet and hundreds of pounds to 40 feet and several tons.

Dolphins are very sweet mammals. These whales are found all over the world. Some types live in only a small area. Other types can live in many different places. Bottlenose Dolphins seem to be found almost everywhere! The smallest dolphins weigh 110 pounds at 4 feet long and the largest weigh 18,000 pounds and are 32 feet long! Dolphins are carnivores and eat mostly fish. They are very gentle and playful animals that are seldomly violent, if at all.

There are many types of fish that live underwater.  Their lengths can range from less than 15 inches long to over 14 feet long! They eat many small fish, like shrimp, zooplankton, and leeches. They are found in almost any types of bodies of water.

In this site, you'll be able to find more details, specifically the species'  names. Feel free to browse around and visit the links for more information. Thanks for stopping by!