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Rainforest Animals



Because there are many places that rainforests exist, the kinds of mammals that exist in them are incredibly mixed. However, there  are the generic kinds of mammals that exist in the rainforests. These mammals include bears, Jaguars Capybaras, Anteaters, Lemurs, Leopards, monkeys, sloths, Tapirs, porcupines, Okapi, Ocelots, gorillas, Coati, Gibnut and armadillo.
How they interact
 of the vast number of mammals in the rainforest, unfortunatley there is only enough time to talk about a few. The jaguar is one that comes to mind.
 In the rainforest, jaguars are mainly solitary animals and hunt ground-dwelling mammals. Besides the human, the jaguar is the only big cat who does not have any predators. This is mainly because of the jaguars fierce hunting abilities. No other big cat can compete with the jaguar.
Another one of the mammals that inhabits the rainforest is the monkey. One type of monkey is the Howler Monkey. This is one monkey you would not want as a neighbor. Unlike the jaguar, these monkeys are incredibly social animals.  They travel in groups with up to eighteen monkeys. The Howler Monkey gets its name because they communicate by letting out a "howl" that other groups can hear for miles. The Howler Monkey is also a herbivore, which means that they usually reside in the higher layers of the rainforest.

( all pictures retrieved from Google Images)