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Rainforest Animals



The birds of the rainforest are usually bright in color, although some of them are plain and blend in to their natural surroundings. Because of the natural way the birds take to the air, their home in the rainforest would obviously be the canopy.The bird that comes to mind first is usually the toucan.
   The toucan is not actually a specific species. Actually there are 40 different kinds of toucans that roam the rainforests of Central and South America. These toucans can be noisy birds when they "talk". These birds are especially important to the rainforest because of their diet. The toucan is a herbivore and eats plants and berries that it finds among the trees. After eating the berries, the toucan will fly off and "drop" the seeds that it had eaten,
   Another Rainforest bird is the Lyrebird. This bird is a mimicing bird. It can mimic the calls of the other birds as well as the sound of something artificial it just heard. It's call is also one of their unusual aspects, it will sometimes put some weird unnatural sound into its call.

 (all pictures retrieved from Google Images)