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Rainforest Animals



Amphibians in the rainforest usually hide in the most obviously places but becasue of their unique coloring or camoflouge they can stay in plain sight and still not be seen. One such amphibian is the tree frog.
  The Forgs in the rainforest usually have bright coloring. This might be a warning to their predators.    
   The Poison Dart frogs are some such creatures. These frogs have bright red spots along their body that warns their prey that they are incredibly poisonus. Their poison is in their skin, so when a predator tries to eat them, their poison is released from glands on their backs and paralizes the predator. So instead of being the predator it becomes the prey, to be feasted on by a carnivore that happens to walk by. 
 Another amphibian in the rainforest is the well-known chameleon. This canopy-dwelling amphibian is most active when close to the ground. Most people would think that the chameleon uses its ability to blend into its  surroundings for protection. Well that would be only partially correct. Actually the chameleon spends more of its time changing colors to actually communicate it emotions, and attract a mate. At night the chameleon turns a pale color.


( all pictures retrieved from Google Images)