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Life in the Savannah

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Welcome to my “Life in the Savannah” website. When we think of Africa, we think of poor African-Americans living in the middle of nowhere. We think of desert land filled with snakes and cactuses, lions and tigers. We think that droughts occur 24/7 and it’s a dry, humid, naked place that no one wants to travel to because of the diseases. That's not all this wonderful country is about. It actually has many very beautiful cities. The wonderful rainforests cover much of the land. And many interesting animals live in the most incredible habitats. In this site, I'll discuss the Savannah desert and how it applies to the lives of some of the most common animals native to Africa. The types of animals I will be summarizing information about are such as the giraffe, the lion, the tiger, and the leopard. I will be focusing on the climates of the animals’ habitats, the daily lives of the animals, and the vegetation in the Savannah Desert. All of my pictures are cited and the information is cited at the bottom but explained in my own words. I hope you enjoy the website and learn something new! Feel free to browse as you wish!

Please copyright any information taken from this website, but feel free to use the pictures! Thanks!