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Life in the Savannah



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The climate in the Savannah isn't what most people think of it to be. From our studies, we've learned that it's always hot and sticky and humid. We also believe that rain is a scarce sight for this desert. Well, let me tell you something...




Actually, the Savannah Desert can get an average of 3.5-5 inches of rain each year! From December to February, not a lot of percipitation occurs, making rainfall uncommon during this time. However, about 10-30 inches of rain is percipitated in a span of 9 months. 


The temperature isn't what you thought it was, either. It actually gets to about 70-90 degrees Farenheit all year long! I bet you didn't know this either: winter is the dry season and summer is the wet season! It seems backwards, but it actually gets hotter in winter than in summer. Temperature does not change a lot, so it's easy for animals to survive.


It's great that the climate isn't dried out and humid all year long. The constant rain fall is good to grow plants and food for the animals to live. Thankfully, these plants last a long time, making it easy to find food year-round.